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Core Bodyboards The Barber PX Crescent Fistral Review!

Review by rider: Warrick Murphy 

Photo's by Neil Wall @newquay_ninja

I have been lucky enough to test out the new Core Barber Crescent board. The South West has been battered with swell lately so there was no better time then the present to take it out for a spin. 

I took the board out at low tide Fistral and gave it a good battering. At first look the board looks like the usual Barber shape that has been tried and tested over the years with positive results. The deck contours are a treat especially when the winter gloves come out. Everything just seems to fit into place nicely. He’s also gone and thrown in the ol’ nose bulbs, which I have never actually used before. I found them amazing. 

The grip and control I had was perfect out in the water. I chose the crescent tail as I wanted to see its versatility for DK and prone. 

The curve from the tail to the nose is very gentle and balanced, rails aren’t too straight but allowing enough curve to narrow the tail ever so slightly allowing great control in those hollow winter waves.

The first wave I took off on felt great and the lightness of the board under my body kept my speed up after too many mince pies. The PX core is a great winter board and combined with only a single stringer I felt it had great recoil off the bottom and into turns/ spins. There were a few little drainers out that day and coming off the bottom with speed on a beachie is crucial. The board delivered the goods. Straight off the bottom the nose felt good and had just the right amount of flex. Once I was leaning and looking down the line the board snapped back into place and I was projected towards the end bowl. 

This board feels like it is made for the UK. The lightness, recoil and stiffness ratios are spot on for these colder waters. I’m not going to beat around the bush, I used to think the Core boards were too stiff for the UK, but this new range is absolutely SPOT on! For prone this board is simply awesome, lots of pocket control with the crescent tail, fun and easy to ride. For those who love to dabble on the bend knee side, it is just as tantalising.

The nose doesn’t seem too wide to cause bog or nose dive when driving off the bottom.


All in all, I think the new core range and in particular this Core Barber Crescent has hit the nail on the head. I was pleasantly surprised. If you’d like to know more please contact the Bodyboard-Depot for more info or better yet, ask for my contact and I will gladly chat to you more about these boards.

  • December 20, 2016
  • Guy Sowry