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New Bodyboard Brand Coming Exclusively Designed For The UK Market & Designed By Bodyboard Depot

Words: Mave Davies Photos: Tom Berry

While most of us were prematurely putting up our Christmas decorations and battering down the hatches for the big freeze, team rider, Matt Davies was winging his way to the enchanting islands of the Azores to test pilot a series of new cores, materials and shapes for our 2017 range of boards. 

We at the Bodyboard Depot have taken a big step in our evolution and a bold statement in UK bodyboarding by teaming up with a top shaper, to release our own range of bodyboards for 2017/18. Wanting our boards to be of the highest quality, with unrivalled performance and to be handmade locally in Europe was our No.1 priority. 


Following some lengthy design meetings, Matt took off to the Azores with a case full of boards for the testing. These volcanic islands are located right in the middle of the Atlantic, 1300kms West of Lisbon, and are pounded by low-pressure systems that bring an abundance of swell. What’s more, a 360-degree swell exposure allows almost any wind and swell combination, and offers a wide variety of wave types; making the islands a perfect location to experiment with new materials. There are long point breaks, heaving slabs, punchy beachbreaks and rampy wedges all breaking in temperate waters; great for testing different combinations of cores, stringer(s) and mesh. What’s more, this lesser travelled, uncrowded surf destination was the ideal location to keep prying eyes off our new bounty of boards. 

After a successful week of covert testing coupled with the invaluable input of our team riders Mave and Rob Barber, we are proud to announce an exciting new range of boards for 2017/18. To begin, we are releasing a Barber bat and crescent tail, a board for the bigger rider and a 100% Dropknee board. The boards will come in a range of stylish colour combos, with PP or PP/PE mixed cores, and a cutting edge combination of stringers and mesh, to offer the optimum flex. We’re sure you’re going to love them, so watch this space at!

  • January 10, 2017
  • Guy Sowry