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Pride Vulcan 1 Bodyboard Fins Review

By Guy Sowry:

Being the new Guy in charge of the Bodyboard-Depot retail side I thought it was only right that I ask Rob to do some product testing of the new Pride Vulcan 1 fins available at the Depot. So we got Rob to jump on a plane and fly off to the Mentawai Islands of Sumatra to try these fins out to their limits. I would have gone myself but someone needed to stay at home and run the office. These revolutionary fins are the first to be designed using a 3-D printer and are currently being worn by 2015 World Champion Jared Houston, Pierre-Louis Costes (World no: 2) and Lewy Finnegan (World no: 6) So what makes them so special we ask ourselves?

Rob normally takes a size 8 shoe so we gave him a Medium size to try and he used them with Gyroll fin connectors & no socks. Rob claimed that the two density Vulcan 1 fins were the perfect size for him. The premium quality Malaysian rubber, gave him no cramps or nipping at the side of his foot and the ergonomic ankle strap had no intention of ever coming off during duck dives or wipeouts, which he rarely admits to. And most importantly of all they didn’t rub.

I pulled Rob to one side after his hard day at the office and asked him a few questions about the Fins.

Q: 1  Mr B what is the difference between the Vulcan 1 Fins and the others on the market?
R: “They are one of the lightest fins I have used compared to say Stealth’s or Freedoms. “They are also anatomically shaped around the heal which stops them rubbing”
Q: 2  What were they like in comparison to other fins with regards to power?
R: “Having been used to a heavier fin, when I put the Pride Vulcan on and it was lighter it actually felt less powerful”. “However when I tried 1 x Freedom fin and 1 x Pride fin on they were both equally as powerful”
Q: 3  What are the drainage holes like?
R: “The drainage holes keep the sand and shale flowing out with no issues, I had no stones getting stuck between my toes and unlike other brands they showed no sign of tearing around the holes”.
Q: 4  Finally why will you be using them as your fin of choice in the future?
R: “These have to be the most comfortable fins I have tried in that shape”. “Having used them in Portugal & Morocco and surfed solidly for 2-3 times a day there are no Rubs or abrasions on my feet what so ever.”

So there you have it from the horses mouth why you should get yourself a pair of these amazing fins from the online or at The Bodyboard-Depot Newquay (Based in the Adams Surf shop). 

All Images By: Aaron Parsons Photography

  • January 15, 2016
  • Guy Sowry