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Salt Creek Classic Palmboards Review

Last summer I really got into my bodysurfing. I started to collect a number of hand planes to enjoy whilst the waves were either too small to surf or bodyboard. This little orange guy is sick! Bodysurfing is so much fun, with or without a hand plane. This little piece of plastic will make the experience in the shorebreak even more enjoyable.

Granted, its not as sexy and sleek as the wooden ones around now, but lets face it, we aren’t anywhere near as good as the torpedo people but I think iv found the source that keeps those old boys so young! This little number is very durable, floats and bright as anything! You will never loose it in the water that’s for sure! 

A bit about the specs;

THE CLASSIC is the model I had; complete amateurs like myself as well as professionals can use it.  It’s sleek, lightweight, and is called classic as it’s the ‘classic’ handplane shape. It is the best option for beginners wanting to plane onto the face of a wave and tuck into some fun closeouts or twist into some rolls.

It will help keep your stock in the water and completely give you a new and exciting way of reading and riding waves. If Mike loves it, I’m sure all us bodyboarders will too.

  • January 19, 2017
  • Guy Sowry