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Supers Bodyboard Fins Review

Supers Bodyboard Fins Review

Not another Bodyboard fin review I here you saying but these Supers fins are well worth taking a look at. World-renowned Australian bodyboarding brothers Burg & Glen Thurston are the guy’s behind the 2013 Supers Fin Company, so between them they know a thing or two about bodyboarding fins and how they should perform.

Glen Thurston is now a professional big wave rider for ID Bodyboards and Burg Thurston is now pursuing his Passion in professional wave photography after spending a lot of time designing waterproof housings for cameras. The Supers fins have a great price tag of £42.50 & £45.00 this is lower than most of its competitors. So as the Supers fins were named after a legendary wave are they man enough to take up the gauntlet where the Makapuu Churchill’s left off…?

Rob was unavailable to put these fins through a rigorous testing so I enlisted the help of two local bodyboarders Taylor Prisk and Adam Hendra. Taylor Prisk is currently sponsored by Science Bodyboards UK and Agent Eighteen wetsuits. He is currently the under 18’s National bodyboard champion and he came 2nd in the under 16’s Wedge Comp and 3rd in the under 18’s. Adam Hendra is sponsored by Agent Eighteen wetsuits & JG Bodyboards. Both used 3mm Alder impact socks & Gyroll fin connectors

Below are the bodyboard-depot’s findings. After watching the boy’s for what seemed like hours putting the supers fins through a rigorous session I asked them a few questions about the Fins.

Q: 1 to Adam Hendra: What is the difference between the Supers Fins and the others on the market?

“Easy question it’s all in the name Supers Fins are super Ha Ha the foot pockets are soft and mega comfortable. With heaps of colour options, Taylor can match them up with his distinctive hair colours” “They also float which is a massive bonus if they were to ever come off” “The shape is almost identical to the Churchill’s but having Malaysian soft rubber makes them dead easy to get on and off especially when its cold like today”
Q: 2 to Taylor Prisk: What were they like in comparison to other fins with regards to power?
“ It’s definitely the comfort to power ratio. Really soft and comfortable foot pockets and still loads of power. The truth is Adam can’t wear any other fins because his chicken legs aren’t strong enough”. “Everything is basically the same as the Churchill Makapuu except for a bar from thefoot pocket through the blade, adding extra strength”


Q: 3 to Adam Hendra: What are the drainage holes like?

“The drainage holes for me seem to flush out more of the sand a lot quicker than any others I have used”
Q: 4 to Taylor Prisk: How were they as to regards to comfort, foot pocket width and shape?
“Supers have a very soft foot pocket which makes them fit any shape of foot be it wide or narrow. This also reduces any chance of rubbing. They have a classic shape which oozes style in the water”

Conclusion: So there you have it an exciting new brand has been launched in Bodyboarding. Delivering a range of comfortable performance fins in a variety of tasteful colours that compliments all set-ups. Available now at the bodyboard-depot Bournemouth and the bodyboard-depot Newquay (inside the Adam’s surf shop)

  • February 16, 2016
  • Guy Sowry