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Todd Quigley Interview

Todd Quigley Interview

During my recent trip to Australia

I had the pleasure of catching up with Mr QCD Todd Quigley.

After tasting some Aussie beers I asked Todd a few questions.  

Hi Todd,  please introduce yourself? 

I'm Todd Quigley shaper and owner of QCD boards. I grew up on the Central Coast of NSW but have been living in Sydney the past few years. 



How many years have you been shaping?




This is my 20th year in the shaping game, wow it spins me out to say that! 1997 to 2017. 

How long have you worked with Hardy over the years tweaking and refining his boards? (across the brands) 

I have been working with Ryan on and off for the last 17 years, I still have photos of the very first boards I shaped for him. Over that time I have shaped hundreds of boards for him, most of those boards have been very very similar. Tweaking boards over the years as far as specs go there hasn't been huge differences the main differences have come in the changing of materials over that time. 

What is the difference between PE and good old fashioned Dow? Both in performance and shaping it? 

The of PE (DOW) was pretty sick! The main foams I started shaping with was Arcel core and PE sealed air cores, both great cores for the time Arcel being super dense and stiff and quite unforgiving to work with while the sealed air PE was great to work with and was a sick around core with a stringer in it. Early 2000's I was working with a Japanese PE core called ASAHI which was amazing! Easy to work with, had epic flex properties and was still quite stiff, this core was ridden by many of the worlds best at the time and came to a big holt when the chemical formula had to be changed. Now with current PE cores it's super soft and is a great option for cold water but it will never have the SPRING or POP like the old days. 


All the new stock boards are really thin! Do you shave some thickness off the blanks before shaping? 

All the blanks are sanded down to the thickness I want.

With my stock boards I make them around 1mm thicker then most other brands as a little more thickness adds strength to the board. Sure some of my models are thinner like the super thin for people who are after that. But I like to try and have the best of both worlds. 

I feel there is a real market for a boxier shaped board, like a Tamega or Ben T10,  this for riders who only surf small beaches, where it would suit an average person better than a toothpick signature board. What are your thoughts on this? 

Yeh for sure, these older shapes are making a little come back these days, I shape a few customs with those old templates I even offer the VINTAGE model in my stock range which is wider and has more curve. The bigger wider older shapes are a little more suited for smaller waves but still go sick in the bigger juice, the older guys who grew up with these shapes still dig em but the younger guys looking up to the younger pros want to ride boards just like them which are thinner, squarer and narrower. 

Kind of leading on from this...have you joined the brilliance that is The Vintage Bodyboard page on Facebook? Its great for the sport and is bringing all the generations together! 

Yep someone added me a few months back, it's great I love it! I post some stuff on there from time to time as now I guess I am one of the old guys! Hahaha.

  • June 10, 2017
  • Guy Sowry