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Whomper bodyboards available now!


The Catch Surf WOMPER 

The Womper, they look super fun and it looks like you can get hooked on it pretty easily. Well according to the pictures of Kalani Robb and co. dropping into heaving shorebreaks of Hawaii and California.  

Unfortunately for me I couldn’t take it out to a heaving shorey. My best bet was winter time Towan as these northerlies are yet to give in.  I can say however, I did have a lot of fun. The guys at catch surf seem to have it dialled, they love all things foam. Maybe I am biased but I also love all things foam, hence why I was excited to give it a good go. 

It doesn’t have a hand strap so it will rely on a good wax job and  weight distribution. 

It is of course at its purest form, a bodysurf aid to make life a little easier.

I did find however, it had the advantage of being able to hold it like a normal bodyboard and bottom turn up to bust out mini rolls through the closeouts.  

It is a great device to use in a thumping shorebreak. I am amped to take it for a beating out at some winter wedges this winter, or when those spring hightides turn Fistral into a shorebreak heaven.  

It is made to goof around and have fun with, bottom line. So if your not a hardcore bodysurfer and want something to muck around with in the summer time or on smaller days, this 16” piece of foam can be a blast.  I also felt that this would be ideal to get the kids into bodyboarding or bodysurfing, it’s softer than most handplanes so that will definitely put your mind at rest while your grommet or gromlet is pulling into some sandy tunnel visions.



  • January 27, 2017
  • Guy Sowry