Gyroll Bodyboarding Pro Bicep Leash Black

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The revolutionary Gyroll Bicep Leash designed by nine-time world champion Mike Stewart is an absolute ripper. In pursuit of the perfect bodyboarding experience, Stewarts thoughtful touches make this leash a total must-have for your kit bag.


  • Trusty double brass swivel connectors
  • Lightweight comfortable loop back bicep cuff
  • Strong but lightweight PU cord
  • A steady flathead Gyroll leash plug



We're impressed with the effectiveness of the wider coils on this leash, which is the first of its kind in design terms.

As a result, the Gyroll stays well out of the way so thumbs up for practicality.

If it becomes loose you can thread the bicep cuff through the centre of the coil and pull it tight again leaving the leash recoiled.

If you're also partial to colour- matching your bodyboarding accessories then there's a whole rainbow of leash shades from which to choose.

Go fill your boots then.



Brand Gyroll
Type Bicep