NMD Bodyboarding Pro Wrist Leash

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The NMD Wrist Leash is strong, comfortable with a soft neoprene strap, double swivels and buckle which makes the leash easier to put on and off. The advantage of the buckle over traditional non-buckled designs is the fact that the pressure is taken off the velcro when the leash is pulled. You end up with a leash that lasts longer too. Another great product from NMD


  • Strong coiled urethane leash
  • Single stainless steel swivel(marine grade)
  • Padded neoprene "loop back"Velcro wrist cuff
  • Free bodyboard leash plug
  • NMD Branding



The main design features we love on this bad boy are the swivels which keep the coil well out of the way.

Great when drop-knee riding or leaning on a rail, this awesome wrist leash is a great alternative to ankle tethers.

We rate it as a best buy at Bodyboard-Depot.



Brand NMD
Type Pro Wrist