Lock Box (Key Safe)by Bulldog

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Worry about the safety of your keys no more while out bodyboarding, the Bulldog Lock Box has arrived. Simply throw them in the security box and scramble your code before stashing near the car. It's robust and weather resistant design will keep them safe until you're done.


  • Portable for travel, quick and simple to use
  • Robust four digit combination lock
  • Foam backing to keep contents safe from scratches
  • Strong shackle strength for added security



This handy device holds any type of car key, immobiliser, key ring or key bunch as long as it's not massively bulky.

You can secure the box to anything you wish using the large shackle leaving you with a simple wet key to stash in your wetsuit pouch and an opportunity to shred waves without worry.

Game on.



Brand Bulldog
Info Lock box keep your keys safe when you surf.