Found Bodyboards Modern Era PP

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The Modern Era Rawlins model offeres a more narrow design with curves in all the right places. A board designed with down the line speed in mind to achieve maximum speed and control for attacking sections as well as powerful carves. The Rawlins Modern Era PP comes with a Carbon stringer for added strength and explosiveness.


  • 1,9 pcf PP
  • NXL Deck
  • Surlyn Slick
  • Nose grips on underside for enhanced control
  • 1 x CF Stringer 
  • 55/45 Rails
  • Graduated channels enhancing control and drive while bottom turning
  • Clipped crescent tail for superior control, rail to rail transitions and release from spins
  • Mitch Rawlins signature curve and stylish colour ways


Don't miss the opportunity to own this affordable option from the Found range or you might regret it!

The Found Modern Era has no mesh which makes it noticeably light and flies in good waves in the UK.

It's a small price to pay for Found quality so grab one today.



Brand Found
Model Modern Era
Core PP
Stringers 1 X CFS
Tail Type Clipped Crescent