GT Bodyboards Fire D12

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GT Fire D12

The Fire shape, specs and materials are the best on the market today. It features high technology, making this board super agile.

With a modern thinner shape, it is easier to hold, and makes the Fire an all around board that you can count on in any wave size.

  • Core: 1.4 PP D12 (Similar to NRG+)
  • 1 x Carbon Fibre stringer
  • Mesh reinforcement layering
  • Deck: 4mm IXL WBS™ Graphic Deck + 1mm IXL Interface layer
  • Inner Rail: 4mm IXL Crosslink
  • Outer Rail: 4mm NXL
  • Bottom: Dupont Surlyn Slick 
  • Finger bulbs on underside for enhanced control
  • Graduated channels enhancing control and drive while bottom turning