Hubboards Dubb Edition PP/HD

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The Dubb Edition PP HD features the best all-around template on the market. This model is excellent for dropknee, prone or stand-up riding. This model has a lightweight Polypro core, two stringers and an HD slick for speed and durability. The board's crescent tail also comes with a tail piece for added control and style.



  • KINETIC CORE – 1.9lb
  • Wave Cushion Air PE Deck
    8lb. non-crosslink Polyethylene outer skins. The premier skin for high performance bodyboarding.
  • IXLPE Inner Rail/ Cellucushion Outer Rail, Double 50/50 rails
    Hard wearing, high-density slick bottom skin for improved board stiffness and speed.
  • Nose grips on underside for enhanced control
  • Graduated hull contours increase the surface area of the boards slick bottom and channels that laminar flow along the rail/ hull for positive edge control
  • Crescent tail with Tail Piece
    Classic 45 deg  angle on a 385 deg radius cut. Loose and responsive, Crescent Tails are the preferred tail shape of Dubb CoreTeam

Ridden by Team Rider Matt Davies. Basically the board’s main functions are generating speed and controlling it. I am able to draw the lines I want, and I have the control to turn at various degrees and speeds whether I am dropknee or prone. This increases access to the wave’s most powerful and interesting sections, as well as multiplies my fun.



Brand Hubboards
Model Dubb Edition
Core 1.9lb PP
Stringers 2
Tail Type Crescent