NMD Bodyboards Mez 7X PE

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"The Mez 7X is my take on a classic. I’ve fine-tuned the template incorporating modern design techniques without losing the versatility this board was famous for. The Mez 7X picks up speed on command due to its fuller template, with a medium-wide nose drawing into a lower wide-point and a straighter line through to the tail. CNC cut for the ultimate in shaping precision, with Aku parallel channels for more control. In honour of the man that started it all, we are donating a percentage of all sales of the Mez 7X to the Friends of Tom Morey fundraising campaign."  - Nick Mesritz 


  • Core: 2.4 lbs Extruded Dow (PE) Core

  • Deck: Wavecushion 8lb PE Deck

  • Slick: Surlyn Slick

  • Stringer: Single CFT Stringer
  • Tail: Crescent

  • Tech:Slick Mesh + Tension Tech Construction (Link Mesh + 2 Layers of IXLPP Substrate)

  • Additional Features: Tail Piece, Nose and Tail bumpers, 55/45 Double Rails, Graduated Channels, Bull Grips, CNC Shaped


When Mez designed this board he saw the task as a challenge to make the original better, So he started with redesigning the Curve to make the board more streamlined, then added a thick tension tech PE core which gives the model an increased amount of buoyancy & the perfect amount of flex before the tension tech snaps back & projects you down the line.



Brand NMD
Model Mez 7x
Core PE
Stringers 1 x CFT
Tail Type Crescent