Starter Bodysurfing package

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The results are in! Our customers love the outstanding durability and performance of our Stealth Plugga Bodysurfing Handboards also called hand-planes or hand-surfers.

Now you can choose either the Black or Red Stealth handplane with your choice of Sola Fun Bodysurfing Fins that best suits your preferred bodysurfing performance level.

The streamlined, high-tech design of our Bodysurfing package makes them ideal for entry level bodysurfing.



  • Stealth Plugga 13" Handplane
  • Sola Fun Bodyboard fins (S, M, L, XL)
  • Bodyboard-depot board sticker



This is everything you will need to get you started. A Package designed for the bodysurfing addict an awesome selection of kit for a sweet price.
If Your obsessed with this great sport, you're not alone. Buy this package and you will deffo meet plenty of us out in the water. Come and join us.



Brand Stealth / Sola
Model Plugga / Fun
Core EPS
Stringers n/a
Tail Type Crescent