Stealth S2 Pinnacle Fins

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Coming Easter 2020

The Stealth S2 has been designed specifically for high performance bodyboarding and is the benchmark in swimfin design. It is crafted with 100% Malaysian Rubber (Premium grade rubber for bodyboarding fins) and has a soft asymmetrical foot pocket to produce a perfect fit. It also has a straightened blade for improved accelleration and helping to reduce twist to the ankles and knees. This fin has blade rail edges and angled rails to transfer energy easily and efficiently. It also has a jet vent drainage system (Situated at your toes) to keep the foot pocket free from foreign articles such as sand, rocks, weed and reef.



  • Blow vents on topside of fin to expel sand and pebbles
  • Angled rails to create maximum thrust efficiency, strength and stability
  • Ridge grooves on underside for increased traction and grip over slippery rocks
  • Made from 100% Malaysian rubber for maximum propulsion and comfort
  • Secure ankle straps, robust and strong for all types of surf conditions




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Brand Stealth
Model S3
Size US
S 4.5-6
MS 5.5-7.5
M 7-8.5
ML 9-10.5
L 11-12.5
XL 13-14.5