Limited Edition Fin Saver and Heel Protection System

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These Limited Edition combined Fin Savers/ Fin Pads will save your feet from Blisters as well as save your fins from coming off.
The cheapest insurance you can buy for your fins.

Made from hard wearing nylon, the material won't fray or disintegrate in heavier swell. Highly recommended.

  • Padded Heel protection and fin savers
  • Hard wearing 100% nylon strings for immense strength
  • Looped string for easy on/off action
  • Low profile design to create minimum drag
  • Easy-to-use sprung ball adjuster to tighten fit round the ankle
  • Limited Edition logo across the string and heel pad

There's nothing worse than popping up from a duck dive missing a fin, especially if they don't float.

Make sure your fins stay attached to your leg at all times in the water with these lightweight Limited Edition Heel / fin savers, at the very least they could save you a long swim! 

Brand Limited Edition
Info Heel Protection & fin saver