Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Socks 1mm

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Choose these Ocean & Earth 1mm Neoprene Fin Socks if the weather takes a turn and it's a touch too chilly to have those digits out for all to see. Ideal for wearing under bodyboard swim-fins, these taped socks offer awesome protection from nasty fin rubs. Perfect if when you wear your fins they are just a touch too big for you.


  • 1mm high grade neoprene for comfort and warmth
  • Glued lining for extra strength and longevity
  • Nice and thin which often decreases the chance of cramp



Sometimes you just don't need a 3mm or 4mm sock for lower sea temperatures.

So here's your middle-ground option.

They're ideal for taking the edge off a cool late autumn session.

We're talking mild UK winters rather than ice-cream headache temps, so make a judgment call.

Great for comfort with ill fitting fins if you are in between sizes.



Brand Ocean & Earth
Model 1mm Fin Sock