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The Lackey Diverse project. The Matt Lackey Diverse is a new board project designed by Matt Lackey, for bodyboarders that are passionate about DK, but also require a template they can prone on when the conditions require it. Product Description We Say Specs CORE: 1.9pcf PREMIUM PP DECK: Cellu-Cushion 8lb PE HULL: DuPont Surlyn  SLICK SKIN RAILS: 55/45 Chine Double Rails TAIL: Clipped Crescent STRINGER SETUP Carbon Fibre...

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The FSD Prodigy model is a culmination of years upon years of elite riding experience in waves of all shapes and sizes, all over the globe. Combining a super refined template with the best materials and construction processes known to man, the FSD Prodigy will take your riding to levels you never thought possbile. Product Description We Say Specs  ...

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The Winner of the 2016 Inverted Bodyboarding Dbah Pro. Michael Novy is the latest addition to the Nomad Team. Novy is one of the most stylish and polished riders around. He's always one to watch in anything from 2 - 20ft. He's designed his model for all conditions. If you like speed & good style this boards for you! Product...