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Pride Bodyboards

Pride's experts have designed for you high-quality bodyboards, approved and adopted by professionals and current champions; a guarantee of performance and quality. The latest technologies used in Pride bodyboards will provide you with comfort and control. You will no longer endure the waves, you will master them!

  Since Pierre Louis arrived at our stable, he refuses to change two things: double white rails on signature boards and not fading off into the sunset. With each new clip and magazine release, the spearhead of our international team raises the bar with a constant refusal to blend in. This year’s Heartbreaker is a constant refinement of his shape...

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The predominately prone template has a slightly higher wide point than a traditional template with a gentle curve combined with a 45/55 rail ratio / rolled crescent tail, increasing release times from spins and turns.    Product Description We Say Specs   NRG+ core for excellent weight to flex ratio Surlyn slick for the greatest amount of response and durability...