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QCD Bodyboards

Todd has shaped bodyboards for everyone from world champions and IBA tour competitors to local rippers and aspiring groms. Each and every rider has pushed him to build rides that take their riding to a new level. By tailor making bodyboards for specific wave conditions and water temps, the bodyboarder/shaper relationship has been invaluable in teaching him what works and what doesn’t.
The QCD stock range is the culmination of virtually half of his life spent on the shaping room floor. He’s stoked to be able to take his knowledge and experience and channel it into a simplistic line of high-performance bodyboards.
QCD ‚Äď The Perfect Setup.


The QCD Barber Bat Tail Bodyboard has been re-designed by Rob Barber and handcrafted by Todd Quigley The Re-modeling has incorporated a single carbon fibre stringer and a slightly more dense NRG+ core which increases its buoyancy and strength while still offering amazing recoil. It's now incredibly light, and the Barber template has proved to work perfectly in the UK and international waters. Product...

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The QCD Chuck Brown V2 Kinetic PP has a straight outline that generates speed and control.Large nose and tail, perfect for powerful and hollow waves. PP Core and stringer provide rigidity and durability. Ideal for warm waters Product Description We Say Specs   Kinetic Polypro Core Single Carbon Fibre stringer Nose & Tail Bumpers AKU CNC Channels Nose bulbs Surlyn slick Limited...


The QCD Drive NRG+ is a tube and air machine. A straighter, narrower template, with a curve that allows a wider nose and lower set wide point, this board setup is designed for fast and sucky waves. With its straighter lines this board is all about speed and projection. Product Description We Say Specs   Lightweight PP with a high density 1/4"...