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Check out the tangerine dream that offers stacks of space for international bodyboard travel. The Beyond Multi Bodyboard Bag can easily stow four of your favourite sponges and houses handy Velcro packing straps, a padded shoulder strap and carry handle. Lug it however you like. Product Description We Say Specs   Lightweight 8mm padded construction, easy to hoof around Roomy...


Breathable, moisture-wicking Heathered Ventx 4-way stretch fabric and smart seam design ensure maximum comfort from this under short. Ideal for layering, the durable, comfortable flatlock seams lie flat and smooth against your skin while under a wetsuit or board shorts, with no inseam for maximum comfort and flexibility. Tested and UPF rated to block 94% of UVA/UVB radiation from the...

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Perform all manner of tight turns and top level maneuvers when the waves turn on with this epic Mitch Rawlins Starter PP bodyboard. With masses of spring loaded projection it's a top performance board designed to complete any trick combo you can throw at it. Buy it and meet your match. Product Description We Say Specs   Solid Freedom 6PP...


Riding without a leash is like sleeping nude, it just works! study’s even prove it, so google it if you’ve come this far. We needed a well design a leash to feel like it wasn’t there and we did just that.  Eleven is the number, Eleven coils made from PU with two stainless steel swivels will keep your leash from spontaneous...

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Dynamic as the man himself, the Thomas Robinson Signature Series PP has been crafted using his exact measurements. With supreme flex and torsion properties, it's ready for any trick combo or barrel that comes your way. A board you definitely need in your collection! Product Description We Say Specs   Freedom 6PP core and single torsion stringer inlay for unrivalled...

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Own this definitive guide to bodyboarding and discover all there is to know about the most exciting and accessible water sport on the planet! In it's fifth edition, this handy manual includes riding tips and dream destination low-downs for bodyboarders of all abilities. Written by Bodyboard-Depot owner Rob Barber! Product Description We Say Specs   The Bodyboard Manual includes up-to-date...

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Buy The Bodyboard Travel Guide and it will open your mind to the endless possibilities of exploring the world with your bodyboard. It features over 100 slabs, wedges and shore breaks on six continents, three oceans and in dozens of countries. Salivate at the sheer variety of what's on offer! Product Description We Say Specs   The Bodyboard Travel Guide...

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Born to Boogie is a collection of tales told by bodyboarding legends which help outline the amazing story of how bodyboarding was created and developed. It tracks how the sport flourished and faltered then fought back to become one of the most exciting extreme sports in the world today. Product Description We Say Specs Includes over fourteen accounts of the...


Want to wear your fins without fin socks but concerned about getting your ankles carved up with Fin rub? Not a problem, check out these Bodyboard-Depot Heel Shields - the benefits are huge! Wear them instead of socks and your feet will feel a newfound freedom from unwanted buoyancy, cramps and unnecessary drag. What's not to love? Product Description We...