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A straighter template for 2018 designed to be exceedingly fast through all sections with the simple aim to launch you as high as humanly possible. The Launch also holds a strong rail in deep hollow barrels where driving speed is a must. Available in Grey / Yellow or Aqua Blue / White. Product Description We Say Specs * Polyethylene Core (PE) *...

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The Pocket (control) : Optimise performance where the energy converges, "in the pocket of the wave."This highly maneuverable yet super controllable shape, allows optimal performance in the critical energy zone or the pocket of the wave. Accelerate at will, the pocket smoothly transitions from rail to rail and effortlessly links moves together.   Product Description We Say Specs   HDPE...

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Feather light but packed with punch, the Science Damian Prisk Bat Tail Bodyboard means business. Diminutive in mass, this ideal board for groms or smaller riders lacks nothing in the performance department. It's laden with all the top grade spec required to master Europe & UK waters. Product Description We Say Specs   Science Loaded core for longevity, buoyancy and...

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Help capture your finest moments in the water with the lowest profile GoPro bodyboard mount on the market. The Science Pro Plug is the smallest and lightest around and an absolute cinch to install. Its small diameter also minimizes damage to your board. Major bonus. Product Description We Say Specs   Designed to fit bodyboards between 45mm and 75mm thick...

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Something for the smaller budding Grom. Designed to ride amazing in any condition, the Pro Tech shape is super fast with enough curve to control that speed for destroying sections and blasting airs on any wave, big or small. The Double stringer Pro tech's flex is dialed in to match the scale off this board. Product Description We Say Specs...

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Nine-time bodyboarding champion and all-round waterman, Mike Stewart, has added this simple yet smart t-shirt to his range. It's perfect for kicking back in and relaxing. Product Description We Say Specs   Snug fit jersey style T-shirt, great for slipping on with jeans 100% organic cotton that's soft against the skin and easy to launder Fabric has been pre-shrunk to...