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Sola Bodyboards

Renowned for their great value and good quality gear, Sola bodyboards are perfect for kids or those of you wanting to keep up with them this summer. Designed to easily catch waves, you can blast about on a Sola while having fun with the rest of the family.
Buy your nearest and dearest a Sola bodyboard from Bodyboard-Depot and see massive grins after catching their first holiday wave. Available in cool colour ways with stylish graphics, the boards are great for entry level bodyboarders. The feedback we receive about them is awesome.
A free coaching lesson is also offered with all our Sola bodyboards from Buy this Bodyboard-Depot package and treat yourself or a few family members.
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The Sola Revolver EPS is a fantastic board for kids trying out bodyboarding for the first time with a rigid and slim design that makes catching waves much easier. We're also offering a free lesson voucher with this model so your little nippers can become rippers in no time! Product Description We Say Specs   EPS Core offers great floatation...

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The 2017 Wave Maniac bodyboards by Sola are great value for money due to their durability and quality performance in the water. Whether you're just having a bit of fun on holiday or learning to bodyboard; the Wave Maniac will accommodate all. With the crescent tail, stiff base and channels a beginner can learn how to surf a wave properly...