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Buying A Wetsuit

Feeling chilly in the water?

Grab yourself a wetsuit! Seriously, they’re the second most important piece of kit after your board. The wetsuit research and development teams have taken things to incredible levels these days with super flexibility, incredible warmth and great comfort all coming as standard. It almost goes without saying that if you pay more, your wetsuit will be of better quality but there are hundreds to choose from. So, where to start and why bother?


Stay in the water for longer

A well-fitted wetsuit will trap a layer of water next to the skin allowing your body to warm it up providing insulation. This is what keeps you toasty whilst riding epic waves. It’s essential that your suit is a snug fit. The suit shouldn’t have any spare rolls of material in the lumbar panel of your back, the neck should be comfortable but tight and the wrist and ankle cuffs need to be tight enough to avoid water flush. There should be no gaps for water to flow in and out of the suit in order for it to work correctly.


Bodyboard suits are built for purpose

You’re a bodyboarder so you need double-lined material on the stomach panel of your wetsuit. This enables you to slide around on the board more easily. Slick skin or single-lined material tends to wear out quickly when used for bodyboarding. It’s not worth going there, so look for this feature when checking out a new suit.



Move easily to catch more waves

Wetsuits with fewer seams offer more stretch so go for a design offering this benefit. The more flexible a suit is, the comfier it will be for bodyboarding. A no-brainer, right? Double check the seam features of the next wetty you want to bag.


Make shredding a comfy experience

Front zips offer an awesome entry system when pulling on your wetsuit. Historically, surfing wetsuits use back entry systems. Front zippers eliminate chilly drips you sometimes get down your back from duck diving. Bodyboard wetsuit designers really do think of everything! Look out for this feature when considering your purchase. If you have less money, a back zip entry system will still do the job.


Awesome wetsuits at wicked prices

Not found your ideal bodyboarding suit on our site? Give us a call! We hold much more stock in our warehouse. Our amazing team can source the best suit for you at a great price so don’t hesitate to get in touch.