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The Bodyboard-Depot Team Riders

Check out the Bodyboard-Depot Team Riders

We work closely with Damian Prisk, Bjorn Storey, Sam Brabyn, Rob Barber, Laurie McCall, Martin Kelly, David Speller, James Blackwell, Taylor Prisk and Matt Davies to get feedback on the products they use in the UK and overseas.

In essence, they're our research and development crew. While they push the boundaries of our beloved sport they tell us which products take a nose dive, which are solid and simply work but more importantly they report which type of kit absolutely goes off!

This helps us make informed choices when developing products, advising our customers or ordering stock for you.

They are the best of the best in the UK, at time of writing our team includes The British Tour Champion, The British Tour Drop Knee Champion and the top three ranked Riders in the country… nice work boys!

Damian Prisk

The Bodyboard-Depot team rider and six-time British champion Damian has been bodyboarding for twenty years, and is widely considered the best bodyboarder in the UK, arguably ever. Damian rides his own Mike Stewart Science signature board, officially launched in the UK in 2011 at the Bodyboard-Depot.

Damian has won numerous English and British titles, and finished 7th at the World Surfing Games in California. Hailing from the Badlands of Portreath and Porthtowan, Damian has travelled to Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, Canaries, Azores, Madeira, California, France, Portugal and Spain among other destinations. He rates Indo's tropical perfection and Hossegor's beachbreak bowls as his favourite spots abroad.

"I ride for the mental and physical challenge and the desire to master the art of bodyboarding ... I am also developing my new signature model to be the best out there." - Damian Prisk

Bjorn Storey

Bjorn started bodyboarding in Newquay at 6 years old, he is a previous English and British champion and former Bronze medalist in the European championships held in Sintra, Portugal.

He represented England in the world championships held at Huntington beach in California where he was coached by Rob Barber. Bjorn has spent a large amount of time living in Hossegor in France and he gets back there whenever he can. His fave waves are the French beach breaks but enjoys surfing lots of little knows spots around Cornwall with videographer Andrew Course.

"Riding a bodyboard is something I can't remember not doing, it has given me a focus throughout my life and continues to do so. Ive always been lucky enough to have had sponsors who back me to do what I love doing, I'm really grateful to now be on the bodyboard depot team." - Bjorn Storey

James Blackwell

26 years old, born and bred in the Bournemouth area. He started bodyboarding around 20 years ago. 

At a young age, James's older bros dragged him into the sea with them, pushing him into some close outs. He got an obsession for the sport straight away. Every day after school if there wasn't surf, he would be watching the 'No friends' videos.

"I don't think I could ever stop bodyboarding. Most of my favourite times have been in the water. Whether it’s laughing with friends, seeing crazy sunsets, getting shacked with some amazing surroundings .  Highlights would be winning a couple of the British national comps in the youth divisions and competing for the English team in the Euros. I have travelled around the world a few times including most of Europe, North, Central and South America, Indonesia, Australia and the South Pacific. My favourite wave would probably be Padang Padang in Bali." - James Blackwell

Rob Barber

The Bodyboard Depot team rider Rob Barber is a name synonymous with British bodyboarding.

Rob has represented Britain and England and won more than 25 events including; British Cup Champion, British Bodyboard Club Championship Winner, ThreeSixty Series Winner, Virgin Cola Surf Tour Winner. He finished 1995 as the highest ranked European in the world professional ratings after placing 22nd in World Championships in Hawaii.

Sam Brabyn

No stranger to competition, Sam has represented England at the Junior Europeans in Portugal and Britain in the ISA World Surfing Games in Gran Canaria.

His best contest result is Under 16 British Champion 2011 and placing 4th in the open division of the BBC Tour event at Constantine - not bad for a 16 year old.

"My career highlights have been scoring Fronton with the worlds best bodyboarders, getting sponsored by the Bodyboard-Depot and then being invited to go on a ThreeSixty photo trip to Nicaragua, I'm loving it. Bodyboarding is my main passion and I'm looking forward to pushing my ability through travel and competition in the next few years." - Sam Brabyn

David Speller

David Speller from Jersey has been Bodyboarding for over 7 years, and in this time he has claimed two Under 18 British Championships and numerous top four placing's in the British Open Tour.

David has also travelled extensively across the globe seeking out many uncharted gems. Although some of the best barrels he has had are still at his home break 'the Splash' which in his words "…sometimes absolutely pumps". David now plans to win the BBC tour, and take his career outside of England to compete in the European events and even some of the World Tour events.

"I am the luckiest person to have stumbled across Bodyboarding as a teenager. It has shaped my life. Almost everyone I meet in the sport is super friendly and shares the same passion I have for the sport, which I love! I was stoked when Rob at the Bodyboard-Depot agreed to have me on the team, it's great to be riding for a shop that has exceptional staff and a great attitude towards its customers! Dave rides on the Core Bodyboards UK team." - David Speller

Laurie McCall

Meet Laurie 'Loz' McCall he is the best drop knee rider in the UK and we are proud to have him on the team.

"I was hooked on bodyboarding the first time I tried it. 15 years later and i'm still as stoked as ever to get in the water. As a grom I found riding dropknee to be a real challenge, I think that's why i'm still doing it today. My best results are: British Dk Champion- 2006, 2009, 2012, 2nd - 2007" - Laurie McCall

Martin Kelly

The Bodyboard-Depot is proud to have Irish shredder Martin Kelly (aka 'TK') on their team rider programme.

TK has been Bodyboarding for 24 years and has a sway of titles to his name including: 3 X Times Irish Under 16 Champion, 3 X Times Irish Under 18 Champion, 4 Times Irish Open Champion.

At the time of writing Martin is currently leading the Irish Senior Tour in 2013 and hitting form at the right time he looks like he will lift his 11th Irish National Title this year.

Mr Kelly has a love of travel and has been fortunate to voyage all over the planet surfing and competing for Ireland as well as himself.

This has included the World Surfing Championships in California (x 2), Brazil, Equador and Portugal. As well as numerous trips to England, Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Indonesia and The Canary Islands. TK has surfed in the European Pro Tour 3 Years travelling to all events on tour. He's also competed in the IBA World Professional Tour events in Canary Islands and Portugal. This year TK will be travelling to the Azores to compete for Ireland in the 2013 European Championships along with his team mate Shane Meehan. Both lads are amped to start training and bring a medal back to the Emerald Isle.

TK has always enjoyed surfing in big and small waves, onshore, offshore, beachies, reefs, whatever. One of the original Irish bodyboard crew and one of if the only one left representing the old guard.

Martin says prophetically "I love to be in the ocean, thank god I started surfing waves!". Martin has his own surf school in his home town Portrush which he has imaginatively named "Portrush Surf School". Martin's favourite wave that he's ever surfed would be Mullaghmore Head ( "not the 50 ft day though" ). He says that it's perfect for bodyboarding, with long barrels and ramp sections that take full commitment. Ireland is such a sick country for waves and its un-crowded so what more does a booger need?"

Taylor Prisk

Taylor has always had a passion for bodyboarding, I guess you can say it runs in the family!

He is still young but has already travelled to some amazing bodyboarding destinations, such as Indonesia, the Canary Islands, France and Spain.  His competition highlight so far was winning the U18 national championships.

"I would like to start focusing on really improving my bodyboarding and looking into entering a few international competitions." - Taylor Prisk

Matt Davies

Since making Portugal his home in 2007, Matt 'Mave' Davies has built up a strong reputation as one of the smoothest and most stylish DK riders in Portugal. He's also pretty handy going prone when not on the knee.


Mave has been bodyboarding since 1996. In this time, his pursuit of heavy, hollow waves has seen him live in Southern France, Northern Spain, Australia and Portugal. He has also spent extended periods surfing and travelling in Indonesia, Ireland, Scotland, Canary Islands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Hawaii, Sri Lanka and even Italy.

"I love nature! So if I am not in the ocean, I'm trail running in the nearby mountains, practicing yoga, pottering around on my organic small holding or boring the socks off people about the environment and veganism".

"I am very grateful to the Bodyboard Depot, CORE bodyboards and Bodyboard Holidays for enabling me to pursue my passion and supply me with first rate equipment that was designed and tested by bodyboarders". - Matt Davies

Adam Jago

• Started Bodyboarding 1995
• Entered first comp Feb 95 finishing 2nd Overral
• Finished 12th overall in BBC Sola/ Wave Rebel Grand Prix Series 1995
• Finished 2nd overall in BBC Sola/ Wave Rebel Grand Prix Series 1996
• 1997 BBC Sola/ Wave Rebel Grand Prix Series Champion
•Featured in numerous magazines and Bodyboarding Films over the years including a front cover of Issue 5, Sponger magazine
• Travelled to Australia, Lanzarote, Hawaii, Ireland (many times) and Gran Canaria. •Favourite waves: Fronton, the Slab and several Irish gems!


After losing touch with my bodyboarding for many years, due to family and work commitments, I feel that I have been given a second chance and re-established my passion for the sport. After gaining new sponsorship and continued support, I wish to travel to new destinations pushing myself as far as my body will allow and give what I can back to the sport that has given me so much.