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The Depot Staff

Managing Director:  Guy Sowry

Years Bodyboarding:  9

Why he loves to shred:   It’s the best way to enjoy the ocean and have fun in the sun.

What Guy digs about BBD:  Working in the Depot means I get to meet bodyboarders from all over the world so we get to discuss products that work best for riders of all abilities. I also get to test some of the kit which is absolutely awesome.

Bodyboard-depot Newquay Shop  Sales:  Tris Edge

Years Bodyboarding:  6

Why Tris loves the sponge:  It’s the best release of energy around, it keeps you fit and striving to improve keeps me coming back for more

What Tris loves about his work:  The Bodyboard-Depot is my dream job. I love meeting bodyboarders or sharing tales of epic sessions and our experiences with different boards and kit.

Main Man:  Rob Barber

Years Bodyboarding/Surfing:  Too many to count (more than 20)

Why the ocean rules:  Any form of wave riding can’t be beaten!

What gives Rob a kick:  Kitting people out with equipment that enhances their enjoyment of the ocean makes me feel immense.