Alder Wetsuit Hood 2.5mm Plasma

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Don't let the cold kibosh your fix of year-round bodyboarding, instead wear this Alder Plasma Hood and defy those testy UK temperatures. Perfectly designed to prevent brain freeze in the water and bitter winter winds you'll be laughing in the face of some tasty barrels instead of from the shoreline.



  • 2.5mm Glued & Blindstiched neoprene
  • 100% X-Stretch
  • Double collar to prvent water entry
  • Draw sting face closure
  • Soft Peek



The perfect bodyboarding hood for the UK winter, this nylon coated neoprene Plasma model is both flexible and comfortable.

Designed by British label, Alder, who have a solid forty-year reputation for producing high quality and durable bodyboarding wear, the Plasma hood will easily fend off nasty wind chill while keeping your head nice and toasty.

Don't leave home without it.



Brand Alder
Model Plasma Hood