Alder Wetsuit Slippers Red

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Alder pioneer, Bob Westlake, has produced technical yet stylish kit since the 1960s and these Red Fin Slippers are no exception. A great option instead of full wetsuit socks. Extremely popular for summer use and trips abroad. 

  • 2mm comfy neoprene slipper
  • Ankle strap connections for easy fin attachment
  • Soft neoprene strap around ankle prevents fin rub and abrasions
  • Alder logo embossed on side for extra credibility

It's always refreshing to see bold colours used when other brands get stuck on black. Stand out with these Alder Red Fin Slippers and perhaps you'll start a trend. Awesome for preventing fin rub, they can also fill out fins that feel a touch too big. 

Brand Alder
Model 2.5mm Fin Slippers