Starter Bodyboard Package

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The sweetest Boogie package money can buy. We have put together a 7-piece package that has everything you need to get yourself from the white water and BLAST you into the heart of the action and then home again. Great branded products at a sick price that won't break the bank. It has more bodyboarding kit and booger good stuff than you can shake a pair of fins at. Seriously.


  • Science Pipe Stringer Bodyboard
  • Bodyboard-Depot Pro Bicep Leash
  • Sola Fun Bodyboard fins (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • RIP Finsavers
  • RIP Single Board bag

This is everything you will need to get you started. A Package designed for the bodyboard addict an awesome selection of kit for a sweet price.
This Starter Bodyboard Package is unparalleled in its class. If Your obsessed with our great sport, you're not alone. Buy this package and you will deffo meet plenty of us out in the water. Come and join us.

Brand Science
Model Pipe Stringer
Core PE
Stringers 1
Tail Type Crescent