C-Skins wetsuit socks 2.5mm - 3mm

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Vital winter shredding attire! On chillier UK days, don these C-Skins 2.5mm - 3mm Mausered Socks. They keep your toes toasty while in the water and ensure they're protected when negotiating rocks or steep, pebbly beach descents. Grab a pair of these, keep your feet snug, stay in the water for longer. Job done.



  • 2.5mm - 3mm blind stitched comfy neoprene
  • Thoughtfully Stitched to stop rubbing on your toes
  • Plush lined for extra warmth
  • Durable sole protects to increase longevity of neoprene under foot
  • (S) UK 5-6 (M) UK 7-8 (L) UK 9-10 (XL) UK 11-12



We sell stacks of these socks as they are a great product at a great price.

Make sure you get a good fit when trying on these Impact Socks as they're on the generous side.

With size 8 feet you'd be angling for a size medium.

It's better that they're a little too tight and snug fitting than too loose, allowing water to slosh around inside them.



Brand C-Skins
Model 2.5 - 3mm Mausered Sock