Gyroll Pro Bicep Leash Pink

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The Gyroll Pro Bicep Leash designed by Mike Stewart is a firm Bodyboard-Depot favourite. So-much-so, we never leave the house/work/hotel/apartment/beach hut without it. Keep it safe from envious eyes in your kit bag or under your pillow. 


  • Super-tight and hard wearing urethane coil cord
  • Double brass swivel for ease of movement
  • Found neoprene bicep cuff with screen printed logo to avoid arm slip
  • Strong Velcro fastening with quick release tab
  • Tidy flat head leash plug and string

We've tested this leash across the UK and wider afield and we're absolutely convinced that this is one of the best bicep leashes on the market.

It remains coiled after some serious beat downs which no other leash we've tested has managed.

The comfortable bicep cuff is of high quality synonymous with the Mike Stewart name and bears all the hallmarks of a thoughtful rider-designed piece of kit.