NMD Bodyboarding Deluxe Bicep Leash Black / Red

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If you're after a bit of luxury as well as providing security for your bodyboard then go for the NMD Deluxe Bicep Leash. Its strong coil, swivel system and comfy padded cuff will keep you close, however rough your ride. A great leash from the biggest bodyboard brand in the business.


  • Super strong 7mm PU coil
  • Durable, soft and comfortable padded neoprene cuff
  • Anchoring plug and leash rope included
  • Wax strips inside cuff for extra grip
  • Stainless steel double swivels for ease of movement
  • Steel rotator loop for extra movement and less tangling

Check out the NMD bicep leash, a popular choice amongst experienced bodyboarders.

True to form, this leash effortlessly pulls the board back to you so a great pick for bigger, heavier surf conditions.

The stainless steel swivels are strong offering plenty of longevity and make tangling issues a thing of the past.