Ocean & Earth Wetsuit Fin Slippers 1mm

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These Ocean & Earth 1mm Fin Slippers provide awesome protection against nasty fin rubs. Designed and manufactured by a highly respectable brand, you can trust Ocean & Earth to roll out good quality kit. These little beauties are no exception.

  • 1mm high grade neoprene for comfort
  • Glued lining for extra strength and longevity
  • Generous heel band that offers great protection
  • Waxy patterned sole for extra grip on your way to the beach

If you're the type that sticks to one pair of fins or you're not ready to buy a second pair yet (say what?) then these Fin Slippers are a good investment.

They can help you fill your summer fins when cooler temperatures have made your feet shrink.

Slot them on and, hey presto!

You can wear your summer slabs of rubber even when the water temp takes a dive.

You'll also be prepared for the unexpected, such as an annoying abrasions trying to ruin your session.