QCD Bodyboards Kingy Ltd PP

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Due: June 2021

With a surfer / shaper relationship spanning over a 16 year period that includes x 2 World Titles and a DK World Title, Todd & Kingy have collaborated on boards that have tackled the biggest waves on the planet and succeeded in the most gruelling conditions from 2ft -15ft.

This board is the ultimate refinement of all of those boards before it. A truly limited edition board that is the result of all of Damian’s years in the water tweaking, testing, refining and tuning the way he needs a board to function in all types of conditions.

You want your board to deliver peak performance? - this QCD Collaboration with the ‘Joker’ Damian King - is no Joke.

  • Kinetic-PP
  • Single Carbon Fibre Stringer
  • Mesh-Bottom
  • Slot Channels
  • Nose Bulbs
  • Surlyn Slick
  • Clipped Crescent Tail
  • 60/40 Rails

The QCD Kingy Ltd Drive has a straight outline which provides you with more speed and control. It's large nose and tail is ideal for hollow and powerful waves.

The Kinetic PP core with single carbon fibre stringer is ideal for warmer waters and riders looking for that little more control.

Brand QCD
Model Damian King Ltd
Core Kinetic PP
Stringers 1
Tail Type Clipped Crescent