Gyroll Double Fold Away Board Bag

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This multi-purpose bodyboard bag designed by legend and world champion bodyboarder Mike Stewart folds away into a functional storage pouch. It provides a neat way to travel and the opportunity to hunt waves just like a pro. What else is there in life?


  • Fits 2 x 43 inch bodyboards only so it has loads of space
  • Lightweight but strong nylon construction so gentle on the shoulders
  • Adjustable rucksack straps, we know you're not all the same size!
  • Side carry handle for ease of transportation
  • Tri pouch pocket system to separate your smalls
  • Gauze pocket for drainage of used wetsuits
  • Folds neatly away into small storage pouch, we love being tidy

Mike Stewart is nine-time world bodyboard champion giving him equal legendary status to that of surfer Kelly Slater, so he knows a thing or two about jumping continents and the necessities of travelling light.

His bodyboard bag is ideal for short or long haul flights and offers plenty of space for two boards, fins, a wetsuit and accessories.

Its tidiest feature though is its ability to fold into a pouch when you arrive at your location.

Good for those of you on the move between beaches.

Top tip: If you travel with a heavy duty travel bag you can keep the pouch inside and then just use Ultra Light bag for day use.

Sharp thinking, Mike.

Brand Science
Model Fold Away
Max Capacity 2 Boards