Science Bodyboarding GoPro camera Plug

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Help capture your finest moments in the water with the lowest profile GoPro bodyboard mount on the market. The Science Pro Plug is the smallest and lightest around and an absolute cinch to install. Its small diameter also minimizes damage to your board. Major bonus.


  • Designed to fit bodyboards between 45mm and 75mm thick
  • Plug fits any GoPro camera or extension accessory
  • Single molded fixtures made from polyamide polymer for great durability
  • 360 pivot for multi-angle shots
  • Rotational resistance control setting for varied types of footage

The controllable pivot and rotational resistance mechanism on this pro plug are undoubtedly amongst its best features.

Depending on how tight you screw the plug in, you can control the resistance and opt for a set position or rotate the camera for a new perspective.

If you're wanting to shoot off your board, it's dead easy to detach the camera and leash from the mount and quickly reconnect it for your next epic shot.

Get the hang of it and you'll be a YouTube star in no time.

Are you prepared to go viral?