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Technical & eco-friendly cosmetics formulated for all seasons and which are adapted to all conditions, even the most extreme ones. An inspirational brand based on a balanced sustainable awareness, modern lifestyle and surfing.

  • A 30ml Second skin anti rash care balm for all of the body
  • A 20g + 2g Sun combo Lipstick & Sun cream
  • A Travel Kit (Containing 75g Sun shield, 10g Sun stick & 75ml Wipe Out gel)
  • Provides UVA and UVB protection from the sun

If you've been struggling to find a suitable sunscreen that's both Eco friendly, waterproof and non-greasy then you've not discovered Seventy one percent Sun Protection yet.

Use this brand and you'll never look back.

Despite being packed with moisturising Eco friendly properties it doesn't turn slimy in the water and is good for a solid multiple hour long session.

Manufactured in France, the French know a thing or two about good sun protection.

Your best bet for no burn and an even tan.