Stealth S1 Supreme Bodyboard Fins - Black / Fluro Red

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The original and the best. The Stealth S1 is crafted with 100% Malaysian rubber. It has a soft foot pocket for ultimate comfort and a stiff curved blade for maximum propulsion. It is built with the classic circle drainage system and has been used by many top riders over the years.

Currently this is the fin of choice for George Humphreys, Jacob Hein and Shaun Pyne.

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  • Blow vents on topside of fin to expel sand and pebbles
  • Angled rails to create maximum thrust efficiency, strength and stability
  • Ridge grooves on underside for increased traction and grip over slippery rocks
  • Made from 100% Malaysian rubber for maximum propulsion and comfort
  • Secure ankle straps, robust and strong for all types of surf conditions

With an asymmetrical design, loosely modelled on the dolphin shape and a curved blade, they'll give you all the edge you need to thrust into the deepest pits or the most cutting edge manoeuvres.

They've got bags of stability to help you to navigate the deepest tube rides or to punt the biggest airs.

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Brand Stealth
Model S3
Size UK

M 6 - 7.5
ML 8 - 9.5
L 10 - 11.5