Sun Zapper SPF 50+ Skin Tone Zinc Stick

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These Zinc Sticks are 100% Australian made and have been tested to meet the harsh conditions of our sun, snow, wind and waters. Zinc oxide is a natural sun blocker that stays on your skin for hours when in the water and is a prominent ingredient in the Sun Zapper range. It won't burn your eyes and is great for people with sensitive skin conditions.

We are proud to say that this sun care range is also nano-particle free and not tested on animals!

  • SPF 50+

  • 4 hours Water Resistance

  • Paraben Free

  • Protects against UVA and UVB rays

  • Extreme element barrier

  • Suitable for all Skin Types

  • Ideal for the entire family

Non-Greasy Zinc sticks are hard to find, so look no further.

Sun Zapper  SPF 50+ can aid in the prevention of skin ageing. Can aid in the prevention of sun spots. Contains Vitamin E in a moisturising base. And the bodyboard-depot are happy to say that "IT IS NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS"