Thrash Bodyboarding Pro Bicep Leash X6+ Hive-Grip Black/Pink

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Black / Pink X6+ Hive - Grip & Rail Saver. 

If you are looking for some colour and extra grip in your leash and still want performance, check out these Mystic Magic bicep leashes from Thrash bodyboards. All the features you would expect from a top end leash.




  • Large Padded Cuff with added Hive-Grip
  • Double Stainless Steel bearing swivels.
  • Moulded PU connections
  • Comfort fit padded strap
  • Velcro Rail savers
  • Pink Thrash Logo on a Midnight Cuff



Thrash Bodyboarding is the European front runner for producing stylish, colourful and retro looking bodyboarding equipment.

This number has your back. Of course, the Thrash brand ensures good quality and a decent life-span.



Brand Thrash Bodyboarding
Type X6 Pro Bicep Leash