Vehemence "Fivezero" DK Bicep Leash

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“Not another bicep leash… well almost. The "fivezero" is a little different to the leashes already out there. First off, it’s been designed with dropknee riding in mind, you could call it a dropknee leash… 8mm thick, 5ft long, stainless steel swivels and a padded cuff. Only 50 leashes were made, and once they gone, they are gone. Vehemence won’t produce this specific style ever again. Ever! 


  • One size Padded Cuff
  • Double Stainless Steel bearing swivels
  • Moulded PU connections
  • Comfort fit padded strap
  • Safety release pull tab
  • Vehemence Logo on Cuff
  • 8mm thick cord, 5ft in length

The "Fivezero" DK Pro Bicep bodyboard leash goes beyond functional and effective, it does exactly what is says on the tin but does it better than most others.

Minimum tangle and drag with a secure switchback Velcro closure, padded cuff, and twin stainless swivels put this bodyboard leash top of the class.