VS Bodyboards Dave Winchester Snub Nose DK PP

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Dave Winchester is one of the most versatile and dynamic riders on the planet, and his bodyboarding skills extend to Drop Knee. Dave has put his knowledge & experience on the knee into this craft. The result is this innovated design with snub nose which allows riders speed and maneuvreabilty. The Revamped Winchester Snub Nose uses the artificial intelligence of the AKU machine to precisely create a convcaved bottom to capture the laminar water flow, creating a faster & more stable bottom contour. Combine that with the rounded nose, 2 x CFT Stringers , Mesh & Polypro Core and you have a board that will outperform & outlast any other DK imitations.  With the board your DK riding will improve exponentially.


  • Kinetic PP core for buoyancy, slim enough for UK waters
  • Two round Grade A  Carbon Fibre Stringers keep the board rigid great for paddling and catching waves
  • Crescent tail for stability and awesome trimming
  • Surly slick for rapid recoil and board longevity
  • Finger bulbs for a tight grip on those heavy landings
  • Graduated channels enhancing control and drive while bottom turning
  • 55/45 Rails
  • React Mesh