Bodyboarding DVD "Within"

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Shot in 2009 through early 2010, Within is filmed in two of the worlds most notorious and exceptional bodyboarding locations, Tahiti and the Canary Islands. Own this immense DVD and witness riders powering through heaving slabs and completing moves that set new standards.


  • Mind blowing waves some of which have never been captured on film before
  • Exceptional performances from Tahitian' who have previously been under the radar



Produced by Eric Schnitzler and Drift Productions, Within features well-known and up-coming riders shredding awe-inspiring waves.

Just check the Within series on You tube they are amazing! It's enough to make your feet fidget for your fins.

Watch this and you'll be booking your next surf trip in no time.

Stars Ben Player, Mitch Rawlins, Amaury Lavernhe, Pierre Louis Costes, Ryan Hardy, Jeff Hubbard, Dave Winchester, Nelson Mora, Mike Stewart, Niko Richard, Simon Thornton, David Tuarau and Julien Miremont, amongst others.



Within DVD
Info Produced by Eric Schnitzler and Drift Productions