Xcel Wetsuit Hood 2mm Drylock

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Be nice to your noggin this winter and nix those ice-cream headaches with this ultra snug Xcel 2mm Drylock Hood. The extra long neck collar helps the hood lock in extra warmth while you duck dive the chilly deep. The caps peak is a great addition for those welcome occasions when the sun shines. 

  • 2mm wind resistant hood specially designed for battling the elements 
  • Thermo lining which is water repellent and keeps you snug
  • Smooth ultra stretch material inside and out for added comfort
  • 1mm face seal with elastic cord for secure fit
  • Glued and blind stitched seams, pressure bonded for a watertight seal
  • Peak on cap for rain and sun protection
  • Extra long neck collar to tuck in wetsuit for great insulation

You won't find many bodyboarders out in the Atlantic without this piece of kit in winter, it's an absolute saviour when the waves pick up but temperatures remain within single figures.

Once shredding you'll soon forget the minor inconvenience of having to wear a hood, in fact, it'll become your trusty friend once you get used to its immense warmth and protective properties.