Thrash Bodyboarding Coloured Leash Plugs

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Thrash Bodyboarding is the European front runner for producing stylish, colourful and retro looking bodyboarding equipment. A strong leash plug for your sponge is not to be underrated! Your leash is only as strong as the plug that holds it so when the swell builds you need some re-assurance. This number has your back. Of course, the Thrash brand ensures good quality and a decent life-span.

Team Riders: Pablo Claveras (Canaries) Marshall Watson (Oz) Aaron Dinham (UK)


  • Colourful plastic leash plug, functional yet neat
  • Screw mechanism suitable for all boards
  • Flush surface, lies nice and flat on your board
  • Strong and durable even through the most testy wipe-outs
  • A colour to suit nearly all bodyboards



Don't end an awesome session due to the loss of your board!

There's nothing more gutting.

It makes grown men cry.

Well, fear not with this incredibly tough leash plug.

It's seen us through 15ft rollers and wipe-outs so intense our partners have fumbled to phone the coastguard.

Bag this Thrash plug it won't let you down.



Brand Thrash
Model Coloured Bodyboard Plugs