About Us

Over the years we’ve got to know pretty much everything there is to know about bodyboarding, which means that we can offer expert buying advice and unrivalled equipment knowledge.

The Bodyboard-Depot Team Riders

We work closely with our Team Riders Rob Barber, Matt Davies, Matt Sharman, Zhaidys Y. Perez, Clive Stopper and Phil Underwood, to gain feedback on how the products they use perform in UK waters and overseas.

They’re our research and development crew. While they push the boundaries of our beloved sport, they tell us which products take a nosedive, which are solid and most importantly which ones absolutely go off!

This helps us to make informed choices when stocking future products and when advising our customers.


Rob Barber

Rob’s name is synonymous with UK bodyboarding. He has represented Britain and England and won more than 25 events including; British Cup’s, British Bodyboard Club Championship’s, ThreeSixty Series and Virgin Cola Surf Tours.

He finished 1995 as the highest ranked European in the world professional ratings, after placing 22nd in World Championships in Hawaii.

Follow Rob on Instagram: @robbarber007

Matt Davies (Mave) 

Mave, a UK expat, made Portugal his home back in 2007. Since then, he has established his reputation as one of the most stylish DK riders in Portugal and has competed in the Sintra Pro DK division.  

As well as being a highly skilled and experienced bodyboarder, Matt is a passionate environmentalist. He is a Director of Mossy Earth – the super cool carbon offsetting company that The Bodyboard-Depot partner with. You can estimate your carbon footprint and get recommendations on reducing your impact here.

Follow Mave on Instagram: @matt_mave_davies


Zhaidys Y. Perez (Zypss)

Zhaidys is a 26-year-old who has loved sports since her childhood. Then bodyboarding arrived. As well as being connected with her strong faith in God and nature, Zhaidys firmly believes that bodyboarding brings enormous happiness.

Zhaidys currently lives in Puerto Rico, a tropical island with many beautiful beaches. The town of Arecibo is especially blessed with incredible places to ride some of the best waves in bodyboarding.

Zhaidys has been riding for 6 years and plans to compete at the national level, travel the world and continue to be an inspiration for young girls - so that they too have the courage to challenge themselves in our incredible sport.

Follow Zhaidys on instagram: @zypss 


Matt Sharman

Matt is an ex professional rugby player, who took up the sport after moving to Newquay 6 years ago.

He has travelled to Australia, Morocco, Portugal, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France and Spain in search of the best waves. He is currently working hard on his riding, with a view to competing internationally from 2020. 

Follow Matt on Instagram: @modelmattuk

Clive Stopper

Since Clive picked up a bodyboard over 25 years ago, his passion for the ocean has only intensified.

Bodyboarding has taken Clive all over the world, and provided many life enhancing experiences - he has an army of bodyboarding friends in every corner of the globe he can call to chase swells with.  

Clive has been fortunate enough to tick off pretty much all of his wave bucket list, including El Fronton, The Box, North Point, Shark Island, Pipeline, Teahupoo and Padang-Padang.

Follow Clive on Instagram: @stopp_er


Phil Underwood

Phil started bodyboarding way back in 1988, entering competitions in the 90's with the likes of Damian Prisk, Rob Barber and Bjorn Storey.

He then left the competition scene and has been an underground sponger for the last couple of decades, both locally and around the world - testing himself at some of the world’s scariest waves, such as Chopes, Cloudbreak, Namotu and Desperations.

Phil is pretty much guaranteed to be on it with his GoPro, filming waves, himself and other riders - he’s all about the froth and buzz of being a UK sponger.

Follow Phil on Instagram: @boogieviews


Guy Sowry - Director

Guy has salt water running through his veins, having been born and raised on the South Coast of England. 

A huge bodyboarding fan, Guy took over the reins at the Bodyboard-Depot in 2015. He is passionate about supporting the sport and spreading the boog stoke worldwide whilst trying to help save the planet one tree at a time.

Over 1700 trees planted to date.