Bodyboard-Depot Earplugs

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Our very own Bodyboard-Depot Earplugs. Purposely designed with bodyboarding in mind. Keeping your ears protected all year round from surfers ear. Supplied in an aluminium case complete with carabiner to attach to your car keys or wetsuit bag.

  • Aluminium Case to keep the earplugs nice and safe
  • Metal clip carabiner to attach to your keys or wetsuit bag
  • Non-toxic, Silicon style ear plugs
  • Will fit all adult eardrums due to the tapered design
  • Bodyboard-Depot logo on front
  • Rubber seal on lid to keep the earplugs water tight

We have tested these earplugs in UK waters. The great thing is you can still hear other people talking and they help prevent you getting surfers ear. Happy Days.