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Buying A Board Bag


Bodyboard Bag Guide: Top Tips


You've heard there's some kicking swell out there and you're ready to get some action. But hold up, where's your board bag? Whether you're after a lightweight day bag or heavier travel bag to hoof around your kit, protecting your bodyboard while at home or overseas is an absolute must. To help you find the ideal design, we've put this handy buyer's guide together. Check it out.



Day bags look after your bodyboard

Day bags are usually lightweight bodyboard covers with one pocket on the front and have room for up to two boards. Generally, you can get one for less than £35. The really cool feature about day bags is they keep your bodyboard protected from the sun's heat when you're at the beach but also keep it cool when stashed in the car.



Great kit when you're on the hoof

Day bags are generally not padded so they're not necessarily built for travelling or hauling through airport luggage systems. Instead, use them for day trips and general beach use. The carry handles are built to hold a fairly light load such as your bodyboard, fins, wetsuit and a towel only.


Good design offers better protection

Look for good quality zips, the bigger the teeth and zippers the better, as smaller mechanisms can get stuck in sandy and salty environments. Also look for mesh on the front pocket at the bottom as this will drain your wetsuit without affecting the contents of your bag. Day packs are lightweight in construction so they're easy to fold up when not in use.


Good travel bags make life easier

Travel bags on the other hand are made of more heavy duty materials as they're built to stand the rigours of travel and protect your contents. Make sure you look for the most suitable size depending on the number of bodyboards and amount of kit you wish to carry or store. If you're buying a bag from a shop, put your boards and fins inside to check the fitting.



Pay more upfront but less on the road

If you see plenty of pockets and good quality materials on a board bag it will most certainly sit in the higher price range. Whatever your budget, always remember to check the bag's weight if you're travelling by plane and add this when calculating your luggage allowance.


Travel bags are often large enough to double up as a board bag and suitcase. This is dead handy if you don't want to pay extra airline baggage charges. So, if you're travelling with a couple of bodyboards, a wetsuit, some clothing and other essentials you can choose the Sporting Equipment rate with budget airlines. If you do this we recommend purchasing a waterproof bag to store wet gear in when moving about.


Kit that offers great comfort and protection

When choosing a travel bag look for well thought-out features such as comfortable padded straps, stow-able luggage straps, name tags for airport identification, lockable zips for extra security and reflective panelling. These help keep the tropical sun off your gear when in transit.

Board socks also stop the wax from your boards getting glued to your personal items when on the move. They also add an extra layer of protection to your bodyboard and can double up as a towel so it's a very hand piece of kit! We highly recommend them.


Ready to start collecting together your kit? Great news! If you need advice about a board bag you've seen in our range, simply give us a call.