Science Bodyboards Slab Style Classic PE 22″

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Science Slab Style Classic 22"

Something for the smaller budding Grom. Kids will love this board and dads will proud that their child is holding a Mike Stewart classic board under their arm. The Science Slab is the ultimate novelty bodyboard. A prime piece of foam to be used for a gift, a small human or the biggest shorey you can find. The Slab, although short in appearance, will go a long, long way.


  • PE core
  • HDPE slick
  • Pro template
  • 55/45 Rails
  • Slotted channels



Unlike its EPS competitors the 22" SLAB is crafted entirely out of PE with HDPE slick, nose bumper and two piece tail.  This mini boogie will have you hand planning into shore-break toobs in no time!  Essential tool for your quiver.




Brand Science
Model Slab Style Classic
Core PE
Stringers n/a
Tail Type Crescent